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We provide a complete range of services covering the flow measurement of individual meter stations for oil and gas fiscal custody transfer and allocation purposes. Services include independent audits, consultancy services, and uncertainty studies.

The value of production passing through fiscal meter stations can be very great with small measurement bias's leading to significant financial exposure.

The high standards required for these measurements requires close attention to all aspects of the meter station instrumentation including specification, installation, operation, maintenance and calibration. All activities and records must be traceable and the metering station must be operated to conform to standards defined by regulatory authorities, pipeline agreements, partnership agreements and sales agreements.

There has been a worldwide growth in the number of new oil and gas developments using facilities on existing infrastructure to process and deliver production to markets. As a consequence "Allocation Metering" has taken on more significance and is now considered to be a fiscal measurement described as "fiscal allocation".

Areas covered include:

  • Investigations

  • Mis-measurements

  • Specification & design

  • Construction & installation

  • Operating & maintenance

  • Flowcomputer configuration

  • Assessments

  • Validation

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