Engineering - Flow Metering

Metering systems must meet standards laid down by regulatory authorities, pipeline operator and processing plant operators. Our specialist expertise ensures that all the statutory and contractual obligations are met on new or modified metering systems.

SOLV supports you through all stages of a metering project from feasibility to acceptance. We assist with modifications such as upgrading flowcomputers without interrupting production, to metering system specification design, and project management.

Detailed metering specifications are prepared for your bid documents. Vendor's bids are evaluated against criteria to ensure your specification, cost and time objectives are met. Specification queries, clarifications, variations and Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are handled by us as they arise in the course of the project.

During installation and commissioning work is supervised to ensure all calibrations and documentation are properly recorded prior to acceptance.

SOLV assists with the initial audits, prover volume calibration and any other tests including setting up record keeping systems, operating procedures and maintenance procedures.

  • Accuracy is ensured

  • Costs are reduced

  • Efficiency is maximised

  • Statutory requirements are met

  • Production is optimised

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